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In recognition of the importance and protection of personal information we shall perform as a trusted company by establishing the following “privacy policy” based on the laws regarding personal information handling guidelines and regulations. Furthermore, all our directors and employees shall understand and practice this privacy policy by continuing to make continued efforts for the protection of personal information.

We will share personal information to accomplish reception desk tasks for the participation registration in the following live demonstration courses:
Name of live demonstration courses: CCT, CTO
Personal information to be used: Participants’ names, affiliations, contacts (postal addresses, phone numbers and email addresses), Dates of acquisition of occupation or physician’s license
Range of personal information sharing: Live demonstration courses that have the contracts with our company and Heart Organization Co., Ltd.
Purpose of personal information usage: For the accomplishment of participation registration by the reception desk and for the disclosure of information to registered participants.
Responsible for personal information protection: Heart Organization Co., Ltd.

Heart Organization Co., Ltd.
Toshiko Sugawara

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