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Corporate Philosophy

We have supported the development of medical techniques by helping catheter therapeutics live demonstration courses from the time our company was established.
We came to think that we might spread medical techniques more effectively by taking advantage of IT while noticing information sharing or educations through the use of IT has become widely available around us.
We thought that medical techniques would spread faster to more doctors, if specialists from all over the world could share techniques and experience without being restricted by time and geographical factors.
Therefore, in addition to a convention division to prepare and manage scientific meetings and live demonstration courses and an academy division to develop medical teams by training medical staff, we have started a web service division aimicd at medical visualization and sharing through IT in 2013.
Through these three business activities, we would like to keep supporting specialists and co-medical staff surrounding specialists by providing service so they can team up better than before in order to support ”treatment and evolution within the medical community”.
We would like to pursue a "society where we can live with peace of mind" by doing to do so.

Industry Information

Company Name Heart Organization Co., Ltd.
Addresses ●Head Office
Shinosaka Central Tower.,4F,5-5-15 Nishinakajima,Yodogawa-ku,Osaka-city,532-0011,Japan
TEL.+81-6-4862-4488 FAX.+81-6-4862-4489
●Toyohashi Office
1-1-5 2E, Maedaminamimachi, Toyohashi-city, Aichi, 440-0851, Japan TEL.+81-532-57-1276 FAX.+81-532-52-2883
●Tokyo Office
Otemachi First Square EastTower.,4F,1-5-1 Otemachi,Chiyoda-ku,100-0004,Japan
Foundation date January 5, 2004
Representative Director Toshiko Sugawara
Director Testuya Kaneuchi
Miyoko Nonaka
Taichi Hayasaka
Jyunya Yamashita
Auditor Yoshiyuki Morii
Number of employees 24
Corporate lawyer Michitoshi Mori (Mori Law Offices Legal Professional Corporation)

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Head Office

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Toyohashi Office

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Tokyo Office


Brief History

Brief History
Heart Organization was founded in Osaka city and was asked to be a secretariat
and an administration office of CCT(Complex Cavdiovascular Therapeutics)
Was asked to be a secretariat and an administration office of KCJL (Kinki Cardiovascular Joint Live)
Was asked to be an administration office of Challengers’ Live Demonstration
Founded Heart Organization, Ltd. Established the head office in Toyohashi, Aichi
Was asked to be an administration office of CTO Club
Established Osaka Office for business expansion Started academy business
(nurse seminars)
Was asked to be an administration office of CVIT2011 (Japanese Association of Cardiovascular Intervention and Therapeutics)
Reorganized into Heart Organization Co., Ltd.
Started web service business
Started academy business (Nurse and co-medical staff Seminars for cardiovascular catheter test and therapeutics)
Started that is a registration system for both scientific meetings an study groups
Started that is a case discussion platform for doctors
Moved the head office into Suita in Osaka for business expansion
The capital increase through third-party allocation was implemented
(capital: 183 million yen)
Tokyo office was established
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